Here's a little blog-thing where we talk about the latest things, about our projects and ideas. In addition to that we sometimes also talk about some other topics in the world.

In front of all we're sorry for probably bad english and for the fact that our english sounds very german. :D


Friday, 04/13/2012

So, we weren't online for a couple of weeks, but now we're back and we try to upload the website more often.

We actually think about new ways, while talking about the current screenplay and this page.

Btw, it would be awesome if you also take a look at JDs and Samus blogs, you'll find them in the "Links" gap.

At the moment they are all in german, but they also will be in english soon!

We sent some other Mail requests to other companys, just to find out how good we are and if it's possible to release one of our screenplays someday, in the near or far future.

Anyway, we're happy to be able to write.

We'll see what the future will bring us and what will happen next.

Wish you a great weekend, enjoy your free - or not free - time.

JD & Samu



Sunday, 02/26/2012


On the 02/28/2012 will be a maintenance of the server by jimdo.
So next thuesday the access for the website won't be possible.
-> Just a small information to the main things. :D

Samu works again highly motivated and concentrated on the fifth revision.
New scenes, new ideas, new, new, new! =D
Samus totally in love with this kind of work and she's honored that JD yield  that part of work to her!

In this case: A great hooray for teamwork! - Whoop!
Have a nice sunday, guys! (:


Sunday, 02/19/2012


After all we have time to update also the english version of the website. We are deeply sorry, that it took so long, but yeah finally here we go!

At the moment JD and me are working concentrated on our first project and we finished the first four revisions and we are going on with the fifth one now. We never thought that writing a screenplay is that much work, but we love it and we couldn't imagine to stop now.

We had to work hard to get to this point of work so it would be totally crazy to stop.
Whatever. We also think about searching someone who can/will support us and of course the screenplay. So if you know one, don't hesitate. ;D

In the end: Have a nice sunday y'all !




Saturday, 10/08/2011

Today we have decided to take another option in attack and to write a short film  which we want to send to production companies which have specifically focused on short films.



Thursday, 10/06/2011

Samu is working on the translations of the personal descriptions of JD and her. They will be provided online today. =)

And now they are online! :)



Tuesday, 10/04/2011

We are now represented not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter and YouTube.

Samu is still working on the translation of the Website and Project number one, though she isn't really sure with the translation of JD's and Samus' book ...



Monday, 10/03/2011


Despite the holiday, we continue to work on our page.

Currently we are working to translate the page in english, as you have already noticed.

Soon we want to add a new excerpt, as well as profiles of JD and Samu, so that you know us better.

In this sense, a nice rest-holiday and a great start to the week!



Friday, 09/30/2011


It is finished! Today at 16:14 clock JD has written the last lines of the script.

But we are not finished at all. We still have to work on the translation and the functional revision.

We have also thought about another thing, what that is you will know in the near future. ;)

We wish you a nice weekend and a relaxing public holiday (If in your country is one, too.)!



Thursday, 09/29/2011


After some time, we're back!

Due to private activities and opportunities, we had to put script off, because the time was missing. Now the time's back! ;)

We have more time to talk about the scirpt and to work on it more intensly.

Samu is working on the script and trys to write almost the final scenes.

The last few scenes are Jds part and we're glad that we gone that far!



Tuesday, 08/23/2011


Have the opportunity to send our script to three production companies, what we will do. Another 25 pages and project number 1 is finished. JD is trying to write the conclusion. But only half of the scenes are in her head. : D



Wednesday, 08/17/2011


JD has ideas for Project 1 .. But it lacks the vigor to bring these ideas to paper. But she will try anyway, so project number one will be finished soon. Over the next week, maybe try to contact German production companies.



Sunday, 07/31/2011


Samu has finished her part of Project 1 and gave it JD to read it.

Now the question is: How will it go on?



Monday, 07/25/2011


Samu and JD had a meeting and talked about both projects.

We also created a concept with new and old ideas. This old and new ideas that need to be implemented soon.



Monday, 07/18/2011


JD worked on project 2 and continues working on it today.



Sunday, 7/17/2011


After a shorter pause, Samu gets back to work and works on project number 1.



Saturday, 07/16/2011


Creation of the website.