The S&JBP!



The S&JBP was the idea of ​​Samu, who had originally thought of an SBP (Samus Bang Production), but quickly changed her plans after JD had also expressed interest.

So the idea of the S&JBP was generated.

We first get to know eachother in mid-2010 and have also closed pretty fast friendship.
But until we have initiated a joint project, it took until the spring of 2011.
Meanwhile, we have already started with another project and write parallel on both scripts.

I (Samu) would describe the cooperation as pretty good. It's just that JD thinks about what I usually forget and vise versa.
Because of the fact that we are both very creative, we understand us very well and always have fun when we talk about our projects and try hone them.

In short, we simply have fun of packing all of our thoughts and emotions in a nice little (or too long) text and thus get rid of what makes our life sometimes difficult.