About Samu & JD


Here we want to introduce ourselves. (:

By and large we are two friends who just have fun and joy of writing.

JD:. I started writing about 5 years ago when my then boyfriend told me I should get it published as soon as it is revised. Since then I know what I'll want to become aside from to becoming an actress. But so far I have not had any luck with the release. Also because I have not managed to revise everything yet. Now I am 25 years old and I'm writing two scripts with a friend. Besides writing, I love acting. I'm acting since the 3rd class and wants to make me a name in this career, just like in writing.

Samu: My real name is Sabrina. I'm 19 and have just finished school.
I write because of some friends who started to write fanfiction and they said I should try it, too. So I started writing.
I write almost everything: poems, texts, history and sometimes I try to write my own lyrics.