First name: Nicole

2nd First name: Susanne

Nickname: JD Sharma R.

Birthdate: 5/6/1986

Shoe size: 39

Eye color: brown

Special features: glasses and two scars on the left knee

Hobbies: Writing, watching and collecting DvDs, watching TV, listening to music, chat, work

Weakness (es):
Sarcastic, step into many pitfalls, because of some statements and behaviors

Strength (s):
Sensitive, creative, give good advice, understanding, patient

School: secondary modern school


Favorite subject: English

Subjects that I did not like: math, chemistry and physics

I like: animals, my friends, family, my side job

Dislikes: animal cruelty, selfish people

Favorite book: Thriller, Horror

Favorite actor:
Shahid Kapoor, Cory Monteith, Rani Mukerji, etc.

Favorite TV Series (s) / movie (s):
GLEE, Simpson, crime series, Bollywood

Favorite food & drink (s):
Water with Taste, Diet Coke + Zero, noodles u.v.a.

Favorite color: all shades of blue, turquoise, black,

Pets: 1 cat, Lila

Favorite music: Bollywood, Glee, 60-90s

Idol(s): Shahid Kapoor, Cory Monteith

Favorite sentence:
Who has not the courage to dream, has not the strength to fight.

If you can say anything nice, one should rather say nothing.

How would you describe yourself?
Nerd, freak, nice, helpful, always there for my friends, workhorse


How did you get into acting?
I was in third grade and played in a play. And since then I knew that acting is my life. And everything that has to do with making movies.

On a desert island I would take:
Cell phone, my friends, something to write, my cat, family

My greatest wish:
That my dream comes true and that one day all the people tolerate eachother, so that the world is again in balance.

Always with you (you don't leave the house without):
Cell phone, wallet, keys,

If the police with me at the door is, it's because ...:
... I ran out of sheer daydreaming into something and should pay for the damage. ;)