Excerpt from JDs book



Brigitte rummages around in the old stories, bursting into the room and breaks her again. "I paid for everything you see here, everything you have," yells Brigitte Kerstin on a regular basis. "You don't have anything. All this here is mine. And not yours. Go working, then you also know how expensive everything is," this is also one of the usual dressing downs of Brigitte. Kerstin does not know whether she should let all her anger and hatred out the next time, or continue to eat in herself. Kerstin also isn't sure with this question: "How can you deal like that with your own flesh and blood. How can you be full of hate? And break you child every day and how can you look so full of hate at your own child?" Kerstin asks herself again and again. Even now, even though she's already grew up. "One thing I know. I will never have children. I do not want that my children have to go through the same things I had to go through. Cause if it is true, then I will treat my children the same way I was treated. And I cannot and I won't take the responsibility," thinks Kerstin every day.