Some extracts. :)




Prokjet 1 -Excerpt 1 - From the first third

Sam and Magnus (simultaneously, laughing)


Sanju (questioning)

What's wrong?

Magnus (waving)



Hmm, okay.

So Mr. Sharma is really nice and when he speaks Hindi it's a dream. He looks so confusing similiar to the actor Hrithik Roshan.

Sam: (laughing then normal)

Okay, San, we've understood it now.

Guys, I have to go.


But tomorrow is Saturday, that means freedom!


Yes, but I've already told you about the play for that I would like to audition, haven't I?

And tomorrow I'm samples ...

Sanju (interrupting her)

With whom?

Sam (embarrassed laugh)

With Joshua.

Magnus (attracts an eyebrow)

Why with Joshua?


Well, he has offered to help me and be honest the other male character in my university, so uh, do you understand?

Sanju, Ronit and Magnus (simultaneously)



The guys

Um, no?

Project 1 Extract 2 - Nearly in the middle of the script

With these words, Prija also recline herself against her bed rail at the head end and begins to write a letter.


Sanju (curious)

A letter to your parents?



Prija (with half an ear listening)

What? No, a letter to Mr. Sharma.



Sanju (surprise, makes big eyes)

Please? You will write a love letter to Mr. Sharma. Are you off your rocker?

Prija (unimpressed)

Why? What is so reprehensible to say to his teacher that he totally twisted my head? And he provokes this when he dances around in the public. Oh, and he is also the only man here in college. The competition never sleeps. I have to hurry.

Sanju (smiling, shakes his head)

You're really out to lunch.



Prija (comedic)

I know. That's my charm.

Sanju laughs and then continues to write. After some time, Sanju lifts her head again and looks to Prija.


Sanju (questioning)

Pri? Do you think Mr. Sharma is still dancing in the auditorium?

Prija (surprised)

No clue. You have to look. Why?

Sanju (waving)


Just in case.


Sanju thinks for a moment, then puts her book aside and leaves the room. She walks purposefully into the auditorium. Mr. Sharma is still practicing some dance steps. Sanju looks at him for a while and then knocks on the left door frame. Mr. Sharma turns around.