Excerpt from Samus book



Contract killer. Secret agents. Organizations. And I thought the real life could never be like a movie. Well, so I can be deceiving.
Jack has just told me that we have to go.
Words fail me, I just stare at him.
"I cannot go. My animals!" My voice fails and I need to clear my throat, so I can continue talking.
"What shall I do with my animals." I ask him.
"Hmm ... The boss may not like pets, but we take them with us," He says.
"But ... But ..." I bring out, while I am still standing ahead of him and staring at him. He gets up and holds me by the shoulders.
"Sophia, I'm sorry, but if you do not want that we both die, we should get out of here. Your family will be safe, this is taken care of. "

My family? For heaven's sake, my FAMILY! I had quite forgotten my family.
"Where are they?," I ask and look up to him.
"At home, they are guarded. They are doing well. They're safe.," repeats Jack and looks at me intently.
I sigh. I think I have no choice.
"Well then. Where are we going? "
"You'll see it." Says Jack, and tries to grin at me.



We have already spend hours in Jack's (as it should be otherwise) black BMW with tinted windows traveling.
Jack changes on automatic pilot, and so the car distracts us now to the entered destination, wherever this could be..
I'm pretty tired, but I will not sleep, because I fear that I could miss something important.
So we're talking.